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Nowadays, learning a language is one of the important requirements and daily needs of the society, and for this reason, many parents are very sensitive about learning it, on the one hand, due to the busyness of parents, the possibility of continuous trips to school and continuous attendance. It is not possible in face-to-face classes. Dr. English's online system eliminates the need for you to be physically present to learn your child's language. Click to view the demo version of the online class.

Online training

You can follow all the steps of learning the language offline and with an even better quality than face-to-face classes in Dr. English's exclusive online system.

Convergence of products

Educational aids in learning Dr. English's books are much more useful for your online classes than the AR application and Dr. English's educational application, which are all in the same direction.

Saving time

You will save a lot of time and money by using Dr. English's online training. Because you no longer need to attend face-to-face classes and spend more time and money.

Training available

Don't worry about finding a reputable language school near your place of residence. With Dr. English online system, we are always by your side as a good classmate.

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What you need to know...

You can attend the class with any type of laptop, computer, tablet, or mobile phone and access to the Internet. Of course, after determining the level and registering for the course, you will be given a username and password to enter the class.

It is enough to send your request to 09195306365 WhatsApp or ITA so that our colleagues will contact you.

Yes. All educational processes such as attending classes, completing assignments and tests are all online.

Dr. English's educational system is conversation-oriented. Therefore, every skill and knowledge needed to create a conversation will be taught to you.